kuix /kwiks/ noun
A small group of web experts who are passionate about good UX design and professional web apps. Based in Budapest, Hungary but open to the whole world.
kuix quality noun
High standards for precision and creativity. And also: asking the right questions at the right time. Opposite of boring, bland and predictable at the same time.

Things we love to do

Modern frontend

Responsivity. Pixel-perfection. Mobile-first. These are buzzwords for some — for us, these are just the basics of good UX design.


We like simply beautiful things, like flowers or the night sky. But we love to create usable, trustworthy and logical stuff even more.

App development

Good applications are fun to use, but great applications show people the things they were looking for, and even more.


We can go from a simple design challenge or frontend job to a complete overhaul of your web company.


Be it an e-commerce site for your company, or a simple introduction for you — we always give our best, and a little more.


Stuck with your current team? Contact us. Need help? Contact us. Want to see how good we are before landing us a job? You guessed it: contact us.

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